About Us

About Us

Origin8 Advertising Platform

Origin8 Ads is a premium self-serve ad platform that allows advertisers buy online ad spaces through an open marketplace which lists hundreds of publishers selling ad units on their websites.  Origin8 Ads provides a state-of-the-art online marketplace to buy and sell ads

  • We provide the easiest way to buy and sell online advertising. 

  • We help publishers and advertisers achieve more from online advertising.

  • We provide our publishers with more control over their revenue.

  • We created this platform to give more transparency and value to advertisers

  • We give publishers the ability to control their inventory.

  • We give advertisers access to quality publishers they can hand-pick

  • We give businesses a way to advertise organically, reach their audience & grow.

  • We provide content creators with a viable revenue source they can control & trust.

  • We save our customers time & money so that they can be more productive.

For Advertisers:

We do all the due-diligence for you with all of our publishers being hand-picked.  We only allow premium websites into our network, which means a higher ROI for you.

It's fast and easy - your campaign can be launched on a website of your choosing in as little as 60 seconds.

  • Automate your campaigns and revenue

  • Engage with approved websites only

  • Save money, time, and energy

  • Drive traffic to where you need it.

Targeted Ads with Origin8 Ads

Target specific countries and regions as well as mobile or desktop traffic to ensure your ad campaign delivers great results.

We accept .js and iframe ad tags from all major ad networks. We deliver ads using our own custom ad server to ensure impressions are counted from viewable ad impressions only.

For Publishers:

We make it easy to start earning revenue from your website. 

  • Sign-up free.

  • Add your website

  • Create advert zones. 

  • Place our asynchronous JavaScript code on your website.

  • Watch the money come in.

To bring you this service, serve the adverts, and provide detailed analytics we take a small commission from your ad sales.